27 March 2011

The Fanatic

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here, so I'll briefly introduce myself. I'm an alien with italian passport, currently living and working in Hong Kong drawing stuff for kids.
After years of this I clearly became more and more mentally unstable, which led me to release my tensions through fantasy and creepy digital paintings in my spare time.
My portfolio and blog is at www.creationspot.com

This is my latest digital painting, titled "The Fanatic".

I'll show you the process, just in case you're curious.

I started with the usual round of thumbnails.
I lost the final one, because it quickly became the actual painting itself, but you can see some of the early stages of the concept.

I wanted to portray a member of some creepy sect venerating a tentacular godly being.

These are more or less the WIP stages, but the actual process has been more troublesome than what appears to be here, because I thought I had finished the painting while it was still clearly rough and undefined. That's what stress can do sometimes.
Getting feedback from people helped me as a cold shower and I realized I still had tons of work to do and I finished it.

As usual, I had no reference to start with. I tend to work without figure reference from the start and if necessary I collect it through the process if I find myself stuck.
In this case I badly needed something for the background and I couldn't find anything like that.
I found photos of cathedrals and such. They helped a bit but I still had to figure out everything by myself, perspective and angles included.

It was a pain for a while, but since I usually have trouble with architecture I guess I'm quite happy with the result and I hope I'll be more confident next time.
My focus of interest is always anatomy and figure, but it's good to practice on other things occasionally.


  1. That is just freaking awesome Aledin. Very very nice.

    For some C&C i would say that maybe the architecture in the background is a little too sharp (although that would be the way i would have liked to have done it too LOL). Maybe also the shadows on him may not offer enough contrast to account for all the lighting behind him. If that lighting is also in front or him though then i don't know. :P

    Sweet first post!

  2. ah the sharpness is maybe the consequence of working on the background too much before going to the main figure.
    Better not do that. ahahah

  3. I love seeing the progress here. Such a great development. You should post progresses more often, it's really interesting to see how the pros develop their pieces :D