24 July 2012

A Circle of Trust!!

Made of Bamboo! :D :D

Just a primer for a new start, hopefully.


Hope everyone is hanging in there.

06 March 2012

Portfolio Grind

Hey guys,

I know it's been some time since any of us has posted here. I started an endeavor to do 30 characters in 30 days that fell short after day 6 mainly because I realized it would take away too much of my time I wanted and need to dedicate towards making a better portfolio to show off this coming convention season. 

By this I mean an actual physical copy of a portfolio, which needs to be revamped. My work in the past, and even now, has been quite erratic with my images looking to be done by a group of artists rather than just myself. It's been hard to stay consistent with my work and I haven't been able to sort out exactly why that is. But I recognize the problem and am working to fix it. 

As for the cons, I go to Gen Con Indy every year, and have attended Origins in Ohio (my new residence, oh how I miss Chicago!). Raven Mimura  told me that I needed to work on getting my work more polished, which I agree with. He has been a great person in general at cons to talk to so I suggest checking him out. Aaron Miller  gave me perhaps the best bit of advice while looking though my folio last year. He mentioned that an art director wouldn't know what kind of art they would be getting, based on how varied my images were.

So I have been working to do two things:

1) To create a more consistent and polished feel to my artwork.
2) To really narrow down on my subject matter/ industry

I realize that my traditional work doesn't carry over a polished or finished look to it unless it is a 'fine art' study. I've also been struggling with adjusting watercolors over digitally without going over all my traditional work in photoshop to make it look better. This has lead me to working a lot more digitally, which isn't so bad since I do continue to paint traditionally on the side. 

With Gen Con in a few months I am really cracking my own whip on getting works done for a portfolio review. Working digitally is both a strain and a relief. I was thinking to get a bout 6 solid images done but after talking to another friend, Lake Hurwitz, he convinced me to try to grind out as many quality pieces possible before the due date so that I have more of a range of images to choose from.

While I admit this is a lot of work, I know that while I was in school I often did at least 2 pieces of work every two weeks. Sometimes more. And I realize that if I was working the way I hope to some day, that a real work load would include making a lot of quality pieces, so it's not really as far fetched or high a bar as it seems. But it will be tough to stay focused and motivated.

I realize this post has grown quite long, so I will leave you with some WIP images of a piece I am working on right now.

Wish me luck on my endeavors!

-Kat Guevara

Just a snip it: I've had this idea in my head for a bit now. I did the sketch/ drawing in PS, using a reference image from DA for the model. And also, since I am using pieces of the Sistine Chapel, I decided to just place the images where I wanted and 'trace' them to be safe in concerns to proportions and what not. I tried a grid first, which didn't work out.

Anyways, I am doing this all in greys and will be laying color over the piece when it's ready for it. I plan to make more images this way. 

02 February 2012

30 Days of Character Sketches!!!

Hello boys and ghouls! I'm kicking the month off with an attempt to draw 30 characters in 30 days, an exercise I hope will motivate and inspire me to move on to some bigger better pieces. I have to admit, sometimes being an artist is a drag when you get caught up in artistic blocks and a lack of motivation.

I'm not planning on these being spectacular pieces, just pieces to keep me occupied and drawing every day this month. So wish me luck with this endeavor, or if you like, try it out for yourself and let me know how you feel! And if you want, check my blog for follow pieces through out the month!

Dr. Mrs. Monarch

20 January 2012

Little viking WIP

Hey peeps, here's the new fellow: Little Viking! A wip with final colours coming soon!

Hope everyone is doing great. Tomorrow is the first Sketchmeet i put together every month here in Sydney. What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

10 January 2012

First Post of The New Year!

Its a new year, and already there are some projects to be had. In light of playing some SWOR and enjoying a little spiked cider, there are a couple of gallery events that have a call for art. The first is for pin-up work and while I have a piece drawn out I have yet to post it. The second is a call for pulp art, which is what I have posted below.
Pen Sketch


Color Comp

Mock Cover
I'm planning on painting this in watercolor, and because of the large amounts of black I decided to do a digital color comp just to be safe. I did consider inking this in but am hesitant since doing so may give this more of a comic book feel. I am also not sure at this point if I will add in the type or not. If I do it will be done digitally. Anyways....back to work!

Happy New Year to everyone! Chicken mail is here!

:D Hey guys, sharing a little fun creature from my sketchbook that i decided to have some fun colouring up. Hope everyone is doing great and cannot wait to see everyone's art for this year.