16 March 2011

As they begin to rise again

So I have been totally awed and saddened by the events in Japan and pissed by some of the fanatic rhetoric coming from some cray-cray muthasmurfers (my term for crazy) that seems to be heaped up on the people of Japan.

I was doing some brush work practice. And found myself doing some sketches inspired by the tsunami. These were done more stream of consciousness with no plan in mind but I was pleased with the result.

Of the batch I did there were the only two that made any kind of sense. I did a little clean up and included a Basho Poem in Photoshop.

As they begin to rise again
Chrysanthemums faintly smell,
After the flooding rain

Matsuo Basho

Hope you like.



  1. Great drawings, they really carry the mood from their culture. It is absolutely terrible what has happened in Japan :(

  2. I really really like the second one, could make a powerful piece i think.

    I gotta get onto doing something as well to help out. :(