20 January 2012

Little viking WIP

Hey peeps, here's the new fellow: Little Viking! A wip with final colours coming soon!

Hope everyone is doing great. Tomorrow is the first Sketchmeet i put together every month here in Sydney. What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

10 January 2012

First Post of The New Year!

Its a new year, and already there are some projects to be had. In light of playing some SWOR and enjoying a little spiked cider, there are a couple of gallery events that have a call for art. The first is for pin-up work and while I have a piece drawn out I have yet to post it. The second is a call for pulp art, which is what I have posted below.
Pen Sketch


Color Comp

Mock Cover
I'm planning on painting this in watercolor, and because of the large amounts of black I decided to do a digital color comp just to be safe. I did consider inking this in but am hesitant since doing so may give this more of a comic book feel. I am also not sure at this point if I will add in the type or not. If I do it will be done digitally. Anyways....back to work!

Happy New Year to everyone! Chicken mail is here!

:D Hey guys, sharing a little fun creature from my sketchbook that i decided to have some fun colouring up. Hope everyone is doing great and cannot wait to see everyone's art for this year.