19 April 2011


I have been wanting to get theses on the bogs but work has been beating me down. Art-wise it’s a pretty exciting time for me. I am expanding now into coloring my work digitally and no it will be sometime before I post that yet. Right now I am studying values and that is a hate-bucket of moneys right there.

For the last few months it’s been all about light and shadow. I have been practicing more, going back to basics of figure drawing , not to mention trying to learn the Riley method of art. Mostly because of this godsend of a site by John Ennis called The Reilly Papers

If you get a chance go look, the education is worth it.

Now to the posting:

I love Noir and this is one of those shots that tells you why. I don't exactly remember what this was for but I believe it was a comic cover to an indie project I helped out on. The next one was practice inking pages. it is a special skill to ink panels vs. whole splash pages. The only thing about the page I like is that I finished it.


These last two pieces are RPG game art for a fantasy world.


Hope you likes see you on the flipside.