27 March 2011

The Fanatic

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here, so I'll briefly introduce myself. I'm an alien with italian passport, currently living and working in Hong Kong drawing stuff for kids.
After years of this I clearly became more and more mentally unstable, which led me to release my tensions through fantasy and creepy digital paintings in my spare time.
My portfolio and blog is at www.creationspot.com

This is my latest digital painting, titled "The Fanatic".

I'll show you the process, just in case you're curious.

I started with the usual round of thumbnails.
I lost the final one, because it quickly became the actual painting itself, but you can see some of the early stages of the concept.

I wanted to portray a member of some creepy sect venerating a tentacular godly being.

These are more or less the WIP stages, but the actual process has been more troublesome than what appears to be here, because I thought I had finished the painting while it was still clearly rough and undefined. That's what stress can do sometimes.
Getting feedback from people helped me as a cold shower and I realized I still had tons of work to do and I finished it.

As usual, I had no reference to start with. I tend to work without figure reference from the start and if necessary I collect it through the process if I find myself stuck.
In this case I badly needed something for the background and I couldn't find anything like that.
I found photos of cathedrals and such. They helped a bit but I still had to figure out everything by myself, perspective and angles included.

It was a pain for a while, but since I usually have trouble with architecture I guess I'm quite happy with the result and I hope I'll be more confident next time.
My focus of interest is always anatomy and figure, but it's good to practice on other things occasionally.

18 March 2011


Hi there awesome people, i'm Daniel the swede and i'll be posting here every friday from now on, woo.

16 March 2011

As they begin to rise again

So I have been totally awed and saddened by the events in Japan and pissed by some of the fanatic rhetoric coming from some cray-cray muthasmurfers (my term for crazy) that seems to be heaped up on the people of Japan.

I was doing some brush work practice. And found myself doing some sketches inspired by the tsunami. These were done more stream of consciousness with no plan in mind but I was pleased with the result.

Of the batch I did there were the only two that made any kind of sense. I did a little clean up and included a Basho Poem in Photoshop.

As they begin to rise again
Chrysanthemums faintly smell,
After the flooding rain

Matsuo Basho

Hope you like.


13 March 2011

Locus Focus

You like that title? :) Just thought of it. Yes, i do entertain myself quite easily.

Locus is an online comic by Adam Black (who may or may not be reading this) and it a great read and inspiration to myself. I never really do fan art but for all the encouragement that Adam gives me by being so dedicated and just plain cool, i thought it might be nice to give him a nice piece.

I am hoping this will look awesome in the end. Still a few things to work out, in the drawing as well as the colours (which is quite obvious).

Also am i stoked about the posts we are actually making in this blog or what? :)

Keep the child alive...


09 March 2011

Getting into the game!

I did a lot of work in Jan and Feb. The major difference is that I am crazy motivated due in no small part to Francis Vallejo.

I picked up the inking demo/instructional video he did through The Art Department

It was good advice, a discussion on art and using ink, the tools and what you should look for and think wile working. The best part it also teaches you to illustrate with ink, not ink someone else. I love inkers but as an illustrator this video and the approach it taught me to my work, was incredible. A lot of y resistance came from my fear of ruining a piece because of bad inking. A valid one to be sure but I was so terrified I was shooting myself in my foot.

No, he is not paying me unless you count the education.

Yeah I am overly excited and its been a long time since I could say that.

Honestly something clicked and since I looked at that video I am illustrating and with ink and using ink without fear. Its a sickness. It’s a 28-DAYS LATER style sickness. A lot of the new stuff is my inking. Is it good? I look at it and cry but I keep pushing which is what we are supposed to do. I don’t know if in my old age, knowledge is getting through but I am not afraid of inking my work. If I fuck it up AND I WILL, then crap that sucks but it doesn’t hold me back. I say screw it and move on and do better.

So this new work is me trying to get there. I still need patience and as crappy as my inks are I am seeing something what that is I don’t know, but hell like Wesley Snipes says, "Even the sun shines on a dogs ass once."

Here’s to some more sunshine.

Enjoy the art:
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