23 June 2011

Hello & Goodbye

Howdy folks, it's Kat here (aka NerdGirl) posting my first post to Bamboo Bitmap since ya'll allowed me the honor of being a part of this group of art nerds. So I figured I'd post something to kick this off...

Rolla' Gal: Brushed Ink

Little Red Hood: Photoshop

While I wish I had some more to say or post, I'm also heading out to a convention this weekend in Columbus Ohio....so I look forward to the future posts and viewers to this wonderful little art niche. 

-X's & O's


  1. I love both of these pieces. Your linework is nothing short of excellent. The interpretation of little Red Riding Hood really makes me laugh, great job on that one! :D

  2. Those are awesome Kat. The ewok made me laugh and the skater girl made me jealous! :D Very nice lines indeed.