27 June 2011

Blowing it out my nose!

So i am working away at this CGHUB fairytale contest and getting frustrated and excited all at the same time.

The fairytale i chose requires me to draw a man, although i have chosen it to be a being, that can blow out his nostrils so hard that he can cause a huge strong wind current. Kinda like superman. :D So here's how he is coming along.

He has a strong tail with horns that, along with his huge toe claws and strong legs. anchor him to the ground so he is not blown away by his own unique skill.

The next drawins will show how he inflates his neck pouch and a back sac to draw in air through his hollow horns on his head and then blows it out his nostril with unbelievable force. The sacs work in synch so that while one deflates the other inflates in readiness.

1 comment:

  1. Super interesting take on it, I really like what you have so far.