02 June 2010

Ok so first up - PJ

Sweet! :) Lets get this show on the road shall we?
SO for those of you who have actually read the first post, you would have hear me ramble on. So let's see if can make this short and sweet.

The idea that we are going to be playing with is a everyone has a go each week and then we move on to the next and so on. First up a very tiny intro.

My name is PJ and i am a Sydney based illustrator and you can see some more of my work both at my blog and website.

It has taken me a long time to actually get to where i am today, which is actively following my dreams. As such i still feel every now and again that i am a bit behind the eight ball but the more i do the more that feeling dissipates, so the answer to that particular problem is pretty clear. I have been taught some basic skills in both traditional and digital art and it's my goal now to take them on to a master level, during my remaining time. :D

As to my influences i am pretty much a comics and animation nut. I love both medium for what they have to offer and what the limitations are. They both work to feed the storyteller/illustrator to push for new grounds.
For my fist piece i chose a piece that i had not gotten in time for the ArtOrder blog's latest contest, but that i thought it had a lot of potential, so i would see how far i could push it in a week.

First i started with a basic thumbnail sketch. The idea was to have her standing in front of some kind of metallic door with a weapon in hand and maybe pulling something out of her back.
So i did a quick sketch of the figure and tried to put on some clothes and costuming and maybe see what would come out of it.I wasn't really happy with it so i thought i would go back and do some more serious basic drawing with some anatomy references thrown in.
Over that i did a final sketch.
Then tracing the outline i tried for a back shot tht would be reflected on the door... and still manged to get the hand position wrong. :D
And this is where the inks are up to so far:

So let me have it. the idea is to have them done, then design the door (that i thought could be next to a window that shows us outer space) ink all of them up, lay them out in PS and then throw some colour on them. Easy huh? :D

Let's see what you guys think.


Keep the child alive...

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  1. One of the things I like most is her pose and the feeling coming off of it. She is all attitude. her look and the smirk especially shows that. I like the costume layout and as a concept design it look s great. I can wait to see the color version of this one.