26 June 2010

Workplace drafting

This was a piece I did for a friend when he wanted to pitch a book to a publishing company. I am partial to this one. He is still working out the story so I have time. Did I mention I really need to learn to ink.
Darque's Mistress

Two year ago I was taking Eskrima Kali Arnis unfortunately the classes got suspended and I could never really go back but was so into the classes that I worked up some art based on the style. This shot feels stiff so I didn't do anything with it like add a background or some type of design element but overall I do like this shot.
Kali 01

This is another Kali inspired piece and tried to be more dynamic with the angle. I am not sure if I got it but I like the overall feel of this one more so than the last one.
Kali 02

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